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Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park

Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park (SSTP) emerges in the area of former Hard Coal Mine „Niwka-Modrzejów” on the basis of agreement signed on the 30th of July 2003.


The signatories of the agreement are:


  • Sosnowiec Community,
  • Mines Rectructuring Company Inc. in Katowice (SRK S.A),
  • Local Development Agency Inc. in Sosnowiec (ARL S.A.),
  • Silesian University,
  • Silesian University of Technology,
  • Silesian Medical University.


Mission of the SSTP is to stimulate local entrepreneurs to introduce innovative sollutions in production technologies and making products and services more modern, to attract innovative companies to Sosnowiec. Such companies will influence in a positive way to the economy restructuring process and local labour market by creation of new workplaces.


The main task of SSTP is to ensure the favourable conditions for entrepreneurs to conduct business activity and give access to innovative sollutions among others by:


  • preparation of suitable buildings and rooms and areas equipped in proper technical infrastructure,
  • creation of the platform of knowledge and technology transfer between science units and entrepreneurs, and elaboration of co-operation forms  that bring benefits for both parties,
  • providing services related to media supply with proper parameters and quantity,
  • ensuring the posiibility of benefiting from different types of business services (advirosry, accounting, legal etc.)


Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park was created in the southern part of Sosnowiec. Total area of the Park is almost 11,9 ha. The area of built-up area is about 18,19 tys. m2.


Among the industrial sectors, which will be particularly preferred in the Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park the following can be distinguished:


  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • medical devices,
  • automotive industry,
  • mechanical industry,
  • chemical industry,
  • construction,
  • IT,
  • geothermy.

All univeristies that are signatories of the agreement are interested in the activity within the Park, including SIlesian University, SIlesian University of Technology and Silesian Medical University.

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