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Silesian region is a highly attractive investment area. According to Polish Agency of Information and Foreign Investment  12.5% of FDI in 2004 was located in the Silesian region i.e. more than 1mln USD. The region is second in Poland after Mazowieckie region in terms of FDI value. 

Virtues of Silesian region:

  • location in Central Europe

  • well developed communication infrastructure:

- International  airport „Katowice” in Pyrzowice (MPL) 
- Rail transport - " Steelworks Broad Gauge Line"
- Vicinity of Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • Very well developed IT sector

  • Avaliability of well qualified workforce:

- 37 institutions of higher education (11 public institutions)
- more than 200,000 students
- knowledge of foreign languages: English - 77% high school students, German - 50% high school students
- well developed R&D sector e.g: Silesian University of Technology, Częstochowa University of Technology,  University of Economics in Katowice.

  • Rapidly developing automotive sector:

- 30% share of tolal sold industrial production of the region in 2004

- employment in automotive sector amounts to 10% of average employment in industrial production in the region

  • Wide possibilities of cooperation with companies from the region

  • Investment incentives: Katowice Special Economic Zone.

There are 392 companies with foreign capital that invested more than 1,000,000 USD in the region. The investors come from 22 countries. There are 158 investors in the region. The investors mainly come from Germany, USA, Italy, the Netherlands and France.

At the end of 2003 there were 23,471 companies registered in the region of which 4,105 with foreign capital i.e. 17,5%. It should be mentioned that  over 65% of the companies are from trade and industry sectors.

There are a lot of investors from automotive sector and the most important are GM OPEL and FIAT AUTO POLAND, which have many subcontractors in the region who manufacture e.g plastic parts and electronic parts.

Major investments can be noticed in procuction of machines and equipement sector. The brach is represented by e.g. Alstom, AEG Aktiengesellschaft, Heraeus Electro-Nite International N.V., Lucent Technologies Network Systems Netherlands B.V., NKT Cables A/S, Philips, Sylea Italia Srl., ICL, Siemens, SGL Carbon AG and GE Power Controls Belgium BVBA, Caterpillar Inc., Sest SpA, Sutco Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG., Timken Company.

Sector of glass and pottery production is developing quite quickly, also production of procucts for construction industry has big perspectives. Among companies from the branches are Ekocem, Guardian Industries Corporation, ROCA Radiadores, Saint Gobain, Uralita and Vitrum.

Majority of investments are located in urban area of Silesia and near city of Bielsko-Biała and Częstochowa. Most of investors set up their companies in Katowice Special Economic Zone.

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