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Bytom Industrial Park

Bytom Industrial Park was founded on the basis of agreement signed in July 2004 by Gornoslaska Agency for Companies Transformation Co. in Katowice, Bytom Community, Orzel Bialy Co, Mechanical Services Enterprise PUMECH-Orzeł Ltd. in Bytom and Mines Rectructuring Co in Katowice.


Bytom Industrial Park was projected as an attractive area for business activity rendered by SMEs, utilising new technologies and modern technical sollutions. It will be distinguished by full technical infrastructure, low costs of using the production estates and professional additional services.


The project of Park creation is realised in stages. In the I stage the investment will be realised on areas arisen from restructured state enterprise - Mining and Mettalurgy Works "Orzel Bialy", where the reclamation of natural environment will be made, the paroduction capacity re-created, new workplaces will be created.


Bytom Industrial Park will cover the area of about 276 ha, including: 

  • built-up and non built-up area (perpetual usufruct of Pumech-Orzel Ltd. and Orzel-Bialy Co) - about 70,44 ha (investment actually realised - stage I)
  • built-up area from Corner Stone Mine Powstancow Slaskich (Strzelcow Bytomskich Street)
  • built-up area from Corner Stone Mine Szombierki and adjacent area (Zabrzanska Street)
  • built-up area from Corner Stone Mine Miechowice (Racjonalizatorow Street).

The managing unit of the Bytom Industrial Park is Gornoslaska Agency for Companies Transformation Co.



The current offer of Bytom Industrial Park

Area of the Park: 4,5158 ha

  • 4 production and storage halls in modular system - total area 10 186 m2
  • technical infrastructure: water, sanitary and storm water drainage systems, heat system, electricity (low voltage) and teletechnique networks,
  • internal roads, paving squares and parkings: 9679 m2,
  • non built-up areas for investments: 15 000 m2.


Space for rent:

  • production hall no 1 area 980 m2,
  • production hall no 2 dimensions 120x30 m (4 modules); area 3600 m2,
  • production hall no 3 dimensions 90x30 m (3 modules); area 2700 m2,
  • production hall no 4 dimensions 78x40 m (3 modules); area 3120 m2,
  • social and office space in halls, total area about 1000 m2.


Contact person:


Liliana Cuber
Acting Director
Managing Bytom Industrial Park
phone +48 32 251-64-21/3 w. 200
mobile +48 0606 872-176
fax: +48 32 251-58-31

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