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Czestochowa Industrial Park

Czestochowa Industrial Park was created as a result of agreement signed in 2003 between City of Czestochowa, Industrial Development Agency in Warsaw and Steel Works Czestochowa Co..


Park covers the area relesed by Steel Works, site of City of Czestochowa and the building of Regional Development Agency by Waly Dwernickiego Street 117/121 (former building of Polnam).


The general objective of Park creation is to stimulated the economic development of Czestochowa and indirectly the Czestochowa sub-region. The project realisation will enable to prepare attractive production and office spaces for SMEs.


Project links modernisation of existing building (renovation and adaptation of the building by Waly Dwernickiego Street) together with construction of new infrastructure (urban technical infrastructure, internal roads, squares) and a new building (production and office space) on the site located by Legionow St.

The following works will be made within the I stage of Park preparation:


1. Renovation of Polnam building
It is the area located by Waly Dwernickiego St., built-up with 4-storey social-production-office building (usable space 6853 m2). The building will be renovated, modernised and adjusted for production and office space requirements. The building will be a premises for entrepreneurs and Enterprises Assistance Centre. There are also plans to prepare the exhibition space in the building.


2. Hall by Legionow St.
A modern production and office hall will be construced in „Czestochowa – Legionow” location on the area unused at present. The area will be equipped with essential technical infrastructure, internal roads and squares.
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