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Communal Business Activity Zone - "Węzeł Jeleński"

Jaworzno is a city on county rights located in the eastern part of Silesian Region, on the border of Upper Silesia and Malopolska regions. The territory of the city is located in the basin of Vistula river, in the outflow of Biala Przemsza River and Przemsza River.


At present the activity of production and services companies is increasing in Jaworzno and the character of the city changes from industrial to services and trade. The main advantage of Jaworzno are wide areas that migh be used as investment areas. It creates an opportunity to develop big and modern services, industrial and housing investments. Jaworzno is a city of broad economic perspectives with high-class specialists.


Communal Business Activity Zone "Węzeł Jeleński"


Investment area of about 24 ha was created in 2002. In the resolution, on the base of which the Zone was created, the communal sites in southern part of the city were indicated. The resolution gives the possibility of extending the Zone with additional sites that are not communal property. There is a real estate tax exemption for all business entities setting up business activity within the Zone on the conditions described in a separate resolution of City Council.


Location advantages of the Communal Business Activity Zone „Węzeł Jeleński”:


  • Advanegous location in the region,
  • Good communication accessibility,
  • Local tax exemptions on the area,
  • Industrial traditions of the city,
  • Possibility of connecting necessary infrastructure with industrial parameters,
  • The area is owned by the community,
  • Favourable form of site acquisition.
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