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Tarnowskie Gory Business Activity Zone

Tarnowskie Gory is a city located in northern part of Silesian Region, on the edge of Gornoslaski Industrial District, about 25km from Katowice, next to the national road to Poznan.


Tarnowskie Gory Community covers the area of 8347 ha and consists of  11 districts: Srodmiescie - Centrum, Osada Jana, Opatowice, Sowice, Bobrowniki Sl., Repty Sl, Stare Tarnowice, Rybna, Strzybnica, Pniowiec i Lasowice.

Tarnowskie Gory Business Activity Zone

Business Activity Zone in Tarnowskie Gory is a common initiative of the city and county authorities, aiming at decrease of unemployment and activation of local labour market.

The first investor in the Zone was company from Katowice Cartonplast Polska, which is owned by Italian company Karton S.p.A., a worldwide leader  producer of carton and plastic packings. The facility located in the Zone will be producting packings destined to eastern markets.


Estimated value of the transaction exceeded 1 mln PLN Till the end of 2006, Cartonplast is going to invest about 4 mln EUR and till the end of 2010 - not less than 15 mln EUR.


The production hall purchased by Cartonplast was previously owned by the Treasury and was in authority of Tarnowskie Gory County. According to the agreement, County, Community and the investor were obliged to construct jointly a road, leading to the production hall. 30% of the costs wll be covered respectively by the investor and county, 40% - by Tarnowskie Gory Community.

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