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Business Activity Zone - Marklowice

Marklowice Community is located in the frontier zone, about 20 km from the border with Czech Republic, in the southern part of Silesian Region , Wodzislaw County. From east it borders with Swierklany Community, from north with Rybnik and Radlin cities, from west with Wodzislaw Slaski city and from south with Mszana Community.



Strong points of community:


  • Rich sources of hard coal and methane, enabling profitable exploitation,
  • Free investment areas on post-industrial and post-agricultural areas enabling location of new business activities,
  • Organised area of Business Activity Zone with access to infrastructure for new companies,
  • Good access to technical infrastructure enabling development of business activity,
  • Changes in local spatial plans enabling among others management of post-industrial areas,
  • High share of peope in productive age, which is a potential human resource in new companies,
  • Facilitations in setting up business activity in Business Activity Zone.


Business Activity Zone - Marklowice


In order to keep the high level of development, the community has prepared wide offer of areas for industrial and services investments and for detached housing. The project of Business Activity Zone was elaborated in 1999. Planned Zone is located in central-eastern part of the community, by the regional road no 932, leading transit traffic from Katowice and other cities of Gornoslaski Industrial District to the border in Chalupki.


Business Activity Zone in Marklowice covers the area of 11,65 ha, accessible for investors in a form of sell during the tender. The area of the ZOne is divided into the sites presented on the map below, zoning: production and services activity.

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