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phone: +48 32 72 85 800 extension nr: 203, 128

fax: +48 32 728 58 03


19 April 2021
UV Inspection Systems for a Variety of Applications
An Israeli company designs and develops patented solar-blind UV filter cameras, that stretch beyond the sheer ability to see ultraviolet, for a variety of industries. The company is looking to connect with companies in the electrical industry, ... more
09 April 2021
European IP Helpdesk @ EU Open for Business: A New Compass for SMEs Online Event
If you are an SME owner or work with SMEs, then save the date! During the event, you will hear about the SME strategy for a sustainable and digital Europe as well as receive practical tips and advice on: Intellectual Property and how to protect it, ... more
22 February 2021
A new generation of EU energy labels
The EU energy label together with minimum “ecodesign” requirements is a success story that has been key in boosting the energy efficiency of everyday electric appliances. EU energy labels have helped steer and guide consumers to choose products. more
18 January 2021
Technology and business offers of the A.V. Luikov Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer of the NAS of Belarus
A Belarus expert team of high resolution atomic force microscopy from the R&D institute offers its services to foreign companies and universities more
27 November 2020
5 tips to protect your business from ransomware.
There is a good chance that you and your employees are working from home due to Covid-19. This means you are likely to be more vulnerable to online attacks. What can you do to protect yourself? Choose to be one step ahead of cyber criminals. more
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