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18 April 2023
The EU Single Market turns 30

The Single Market is one of the major achievements of European integration and one of its key drivers.  

Single Market 30th anniversary

In 2023, the EU Single Market turns 30! Since its creation in 1993, the Single Market has generated new opportunities for people and businesses, set common values and standards for consumer products and services, helped companies grow, navigate disruptions and find solutions to new challenges.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the EU Single Market, the European Commission, along with various stakeholders, is organising multiple events, talks and exhibitions throughout 2023 across Europe. Check out the dedicated website

as initiatives will gradually appear during the year!

The Enterprise Europe Network supports businesses in the EU Single Market

Over the years, the Network has played a key role in facilitating access to the Single Market for European SMEs.

The Network has a group of experts that can provide valuable advice on EU legislation and policies to tackle procedures and overcome challenges linked to internationalisation.

In practice, the Network team of experts can support businesses in areas such as:

  • selling goods and services across borders and with posting of workers
  • tailored advice on product compliance, taxation and regulatory rules
  • seizing business opportunities in public markets abroad
  • intellectual property matters and much more

The work of this group also includes discussing key European policy developments and making the link between the European Commission and companies at national and regional level, by channelling their voices.

To find out how the Network's experts on the EU Single Market can help you, get in touch with your local Network contact point.

Check out the video and see how #EENCanHelp your business in the EU Single Market:

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