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01 Grudzień 2018
Climate protection in industry - zapraszamy na spotkania i konferencje, organizowane w ramach COP24

Innovative product development and climate friendly production processes are key for modernizing the industry sector and make use of future market opportunities.

State governments around the world are working towards transferring traditional industries into a sustainable future, ensuring global competitiveness, long-term economic success and secure jobs. In this event, three regional governments will present their approach to supporting industry in this innovation process.

North Rhine-Westphalia will present its new initiative “IN4climate.NRW”, which pools know-how from both science and the energy intensive industry to fuel research on cross-sectoral fields and identify solutions that add to climate protection and industrial competitiveness. Subsequently, industry representatives will present examples from practice.

Registration kindly requested.

Read more: https://www.energieagentur.nrw/climate_action_in_industry 


Column Hall, The Office of the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship


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