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Fundusz Górnośląski SA

ul. Powstańców 17

40-039 Katowice


phone: +48 32 72 85 800 extension nr: 203, 128

fax: +48 32 728 58 03


19 November 2021
A social enterprise from Katowice (southern Poland) is looking for orders for subcontracting work in the field of packaging good

A social enterprise from Katowice will undertake subcontracting work in the field of packaging goods, such as: marking, labeling, packing, repacking, putting the elements together, etc.

The company employs people with various types of disabilities who want to offer working hands and willingness to work.

Execution of orders would take place at the company's headquarters with an area of 200 m2, equipped with work tables. In addition, the company has an unloading ramp, a forklift and a manual lifting trolley (so-called pallet truck).

Companies that are interested in establishing cooperation with this enterprise are asked to contact the Enterprise Europe Network center in Katowice by phone or e-mail:   

Tel .: 32 72 85 600, ext .: 129

Contact person: Anna Muzyczuk,

realization: ideo
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